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Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers? Don’t Try It With Your Pet!

Today, there are thousands of entertaining videos of cats and cucumbers. Cat owners across the world have caught onto the fact that cats are scared of these green fruits. But why are cats scared of cucumbers? What makes them jump out of their skin when they see one?

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the reasons cats are scared of cucumbers and why you shouldn’t try and scare your furry friend in this way. 

Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers?

The exact reason cats are so frightened when they see a cucumber is still under debate. The truth is, it’s more or less impossible to know for sure. However, theories are knocking about that could shed light on this mystery. Here are two of them:

They May Think It’s a Snake

So, why are cats scared of cucumbers? That’s right, they may think it’s a snake! The snake is a major cat predator. Aside from injuring them, some snakes can actually eat cats. As a result, a cat startled by a cucumber may likely be concerned it’s a snake at first glance

The truth is, cats are sharp animals with a keen alert response. Anything that sneaks up on them could startle them. They also have amazing situational awareness. With this in mind, they may be terrified in these videos for a simple reason: a new, unknown object has been placed so close to them without them expecting it

They Don’t Like It Being Behind Them

Have you ever had a person unexpectedly jump up behind you and scream boo to scare you? Well, this startle response isn’t limited to humans. Cats also have this startle response, however, in addition to fear, they also tend to see it as an attack meaning they can behave aggressively.

In online videos, many cats scared of cucumbers are startled and then follow up their fear response by arching their back, contracting their muscles, and hissing. This is their defensive position and it typically means that they’re not very happy. 

Why You Shouldn’t Try and Scare Your Cat With a Cucumber

Yes, these videos may seem funny but it’s actually not amusing, least of all for your furry friend. When trying to run away from the cucumber, your cat may hurt themself, or someone else. This startle response can also lead to prolonged stress and anxiety, making them feel uncomfortable in their environment. Over time, this stress can affect their immune system and make them more likely to get sick. 

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