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When Do Cats Stop Growing? How to Know When Your Cat Reaches Full Size

One minute they’ll fit in the palm of your hand and the next, you’ll be struggling to pick them up! That’s because cats grow up really quickly. But, when do cats stop growing? And, are all cats the same or does their growth spurt vary from one to the next? 

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the average cat size as well as tell you when cats reach their full size. We’ll also look at different breeds and highlight some telltale signs that your cat may be fully grown. 

The Average Cat Size

Before you can be sure about how big your cat will get, it’s important you know the average cat weight. Typically, a domestic cat weighs approximately 10lbs. That said, this number can vary greatly between cats as there are 19 pairs of chromosomes that determine everything from their colour, hair length, and size

Cat Growth Milestones

As with children, your cat will reach various milestones as they age. Here is a cat growth chart you can refer to when you notice changes in your cat’s physiology and behaviour:

AgeWeightAdditional Changes
1-2 months Your cat will grow from approximately 4 ounces to 2 pounds.During this stage, you will notice their personality flourish.
2-4 monthsYour cat will grow from 2 pounds to 7.5 pounds. Your kittens baby teeth will start to fall out. Their adult teeth will continue to come through until about 6 months of age. 
4-12 months Your cat will grow from 7.5 pounds to up to 20 pounds depending on their breed. At this point, your cat will become sexually mature and transition from being a kitten to an adult. 

While your cat will reach full behavioural and social maturity by the age of 2 years old, their physical growth can take longer. So, at what age do cats stop growing? Well, fun fact, your cat could continue growing for up to 4 years. This, of course, depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Their breed
  • The size and breed of their parents
  • Their diet during childhood
  • Their Lifestyle
  • Whether or not they are neutered
  • Any underlying medical conditions

Different Breeds Are Different Sizes

As mentioned above, your cat’s breed will have a great impact on how big they get. The largest cat breed is the Main Coon cat which can grow to up to 20 pounds and takes 5 years to reach its full size. On the other end of the spectrum, the Singapura cat weighs only 4 to 8 pounds when fully grown

So, When Do Cats Stop Growing?

When do cats stop growing you ask? Well, as you can see above, this depends on a huge variety of factors. A cat that received all of the nutrients from its mum at birth, has a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, and eats well can grow for up to 4 years. 

Despite this, their growth rate will slow down after the first year. In fact, you may not even notice the small growth spurts they have over time. To get an idea of how big your cat will get, weigh them at 16 weeks and double that number. This should more or less reflect their adult weight.

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